Saturday, September 11, 2010

365 day 280 I had big plans... so of course it just rained HARDER

Today I had big plans. For the last few days I have not really been able to be at the computer. There is something funky going on with my left eye. It got all swollen and red and every time I blinked I felt it down to my cheekbone. Nothing seems to really help it.... and although I thought it could be a sty it just never seems to be one.

So I took the kids out to Inglewood. I had seen some pics of an old barn and I really wanted to find the best spots to go shooting.

Problem 1.. as USUAL it was raining. A light drizzle but still raining.
Problem 2.. it was RAINING. full on thunderstorm with lightning and thunder.
Problem 3.. then the hail came and I KNEW it was over.

Which brought an end to the excitement quickly.

I found so AWESOME spots though..... just need a sunny day for ONCE to really get exploring. Please please... let the sun shine SOON!!!!


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