Tuesday, September 21, 2010

365 day 285 my little fashionista

Calgary. Beware. Kade is breaking in to fashion. Setting the trends.

And the trend for 2010 is

color -PINK. When you think it may be too much, add more to your ensemble.
accessories - shades. Always. Even though the sun never shines. She can not go ANYWHERE without the shades. won't even let me start driving the car without breaking into hysterics that she's not ready if they are not on.
also on the accessories list - cabbage patch doll and baby carrier. There is nothing cuter. Trust me.

Go to school like this to pick up your brother and you will put smiles on everyone's faces :)

My view looking down. I love this view :)

So happy after school. He loves his teacher. And his class. Kudos to all teachers out there - I can NOT imagine what you all go through in one day. Never mind a week. And to be so fabulous to have students really really like going to school and learn? AWESOME.

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