Monday, September 6, 2010

365 day 269 girls change everything......

Rohan is SO funny. I mean RIDICULOUSLY funny. So funny we have to just shake our heads.
Since meeting his new friend L he has been in a constant whirlwind. When he thought I lost her number he went from super excited to devastated. Then I found the number and he was fighting me for the phone. Then he phones her and he sets up little 'dates' with her.

He now ASKS me to do his hair. his exact words? DON'T FORGET TO DO MY HAIR MOM!!!!! and he may be starting to notice the differences between boy and girl friends (besides obvious ones lol). He told Kade yesterday that she is really pretty. JUST LIKE his friend L.

The first playdate Ro set up with L over the phone one was the park. I wanted to record the call SO BAD... but the video recorder was dead. As per usual. I don't know why - it rarely gets used! He did really well - left her a message and everything. Apparently his courage has gone up a few notches as well. The second one? And actual real live dropoff playdate. Which I have never done before. Except with my friends. I have never done this with a friend of his choosing.

The night before he packed up some stuff to bring with him. He couldn't sleep. SO EXCITED. When he was finally out around midnight I went to check on him. He had fallen asleep WITH HIS BACKPACK ON.
I went to take it off - must have weighed 10 lbs. He was drenched with sweat he was so hot! Not to mention he had tied the backpack around his stomache so I practically had to wake him right up to get it off. The straps were soaked as were his sheets. He must have been REALLY excited to fall asleep with that thing on :) When he woke up he kept his pack close to him and BEGGED me to let him call her. As it was 7:30 I didn't think that would be a good idea. I had him wait until around 9:30. Well - you would have thought I was TORTURING him! He kept asking every 5 minutes... when he finally got the go ahead - the look on his face was priceless. Joy joy joy!!! Then when L's grandma said 10:30 was a good playdate time he was over the moon. UNTIL he realized that meant 2 shows he would have to watch to get to 10:30. Again... every 5 min he was hounding me... IS IT TIME TO GO YET?????

And then... 10:30 came. Little L opened the door when we got there squealing with delight. And Ro took off running. And never stopped - not even to say goodbye lol. They have a really great connection those two! So Kade and I went off and rented a girls movie and got some treats and came back home for a couple of hours while Ro was on his 'date'. We picked him up in the early pm and he was having a blast. Little L and he had a great time and are already planning their next adventure. Little L clobbered Ro with a hug and they both went crashing to the ground where she banged her head. didn't help she was already starting to cry over Ro having to leave ;) Apparently it goes park date, house date, then sleepover.

HA. And so it begins...... my baby is turning into a boy right in front of my eyes. I am happy, I am sad, and everything in between. ETA.... I should say I don't think he is over the top excited because she is a girl.... it is probably really because this is a friend HE has chosen and LOVES to be around. The fact she is a girl... well it changes some of the things he does - like his hair, or complimenting Kade lol.


  1. Oh, I have tears in my eyes.... That is sooo cute. I love that Rohan Sebastian.

  2. Wow! Already? My girls arent even close to there yet! LOL



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