Wednesday, September 8, 2010

365 day 279 and now RO is an official school kid!!!

What a whirlwind the last few days have been.

Last night I had an awful headache. I was in bed at 8:30. Which was fine. Until I woke up at 11 and then was in a constant state of freaking over kindergarten, getting my website done, with a bit of sleep thrown in here and there.

This morning = me a wreck.

But we got through it. And took Ro to preschool. Getting ready was an event though ;)

As usual we were running just a little behind. Kade can really slow a person down ;) So it went down like this.

me- Rohan and Kadence get your shoes on we have to leave NOW.
them - we are mom
daddy - Kadence where are your socks?
me - I gave them to you when you dressed her. then running upstairs muttering for the 100th time over how I can't believe it is raining and that I will get no good pictures.
me again after coming down from upstairs - Kade sit down and let me put your socks on. NO! Sit down. OMG Kadence - you are a mess!!! I can't get you dressed like this! muttering under my breath as I had JUST given her a bath.
Dion - why is she a mess?
me - She took her sandwich apart and has jam all over her face, hair and hands! muttering while I go to get a paper towel. and again when I see we are out downstairs. and some more as I stomp upstairs to get a new roll. and again when I come down and noone has their shoes on YET.
the kids - WE ARE!!!!
Dion - here Ro let me help with your shoes.
Rohan - ok. No not like that daddy. When you do up my shoes I like it PERFECT. Dion muttering while he perfectly aligns the two velcro straps on his shoes about how much of a perfectionist our son is...
Me - Kade I need to wipe you off. You need your vest on it's raining.
Rohan (standing at the door ready to go) - I am ready I'll be outside!
Me - no - you need your coat on.
Rohan - no I don't.
Me - yes you do it's raining.
Dion - Get your coat on!
Rohan -OK OK.
Me - Kadence come on. put your vest on. LET'S GO!!!

end scene. fast forward to us walking to the car.

I am taking pictures. SHOCK.

Dion - really? stop taking pictures
Rohan - GRRRR No more pictures!!
Me - Oh I don't have my keys! Do you Dion?
Dion- Really. You remebered your camera and forgot the keys to the CAR?
Me - Ummmmm. YA.
Dion - muttering while trying to find his keys in his pockets - Kade stop playing in the puddles! and he gets the doors opened.
Me - no I have to put my bag in there.
Ro - ok NOW close the door! and he closes the door.
Me - Get in your seat Rohan!
Ro - Close the door!
Dion - Rohan get in your seat!
Ro - is now in his seat and muttering under his breath about me NOT closing the door.
Me- see? Just wanted to put my bags in.
Ro - Close the door.
Me - seriously... let me help you buckle.
Ro - I can do it MYSELF.
Me - Fine. muttering as I get into the front seat and AGAIN have to ask Dion for the keys to start the car.
Ro - UGH!!!! These straps are too tight! UGH! ACK! GRRRRRR!
Me - oh do you need some help? muttering as I get out and go buckle him in.

End scene. fast forward to school.
We arrive. We park and get out of the car.

Rohan runs WAY ahead of us. Yelling the whole way. COME ON!!! COME ON!!!!! HURRY UP!!!
No time for rainy pics. No time for ANY pics!!!

once we get close to the door where he is waiting.
Me - Rohan. You were in such a hurry you forgot your backpack!!!
Rohan - OH NO!!!!
Dion - I will get it.
Me - Rohan wait for daddy to get back before going in. Let me take your pic here by the door :)

as a mom I know from Rohan's preschool walks out in tears. OK Kathy.... check yourself. Focus on the pictures.

And we all go in. Rohan found his hook and TOOK OFF! No hugs, no kisses... he ran into his room calling to his friend from preschool. With us watching and yelling ROAHN GOODBYE!!

Without turning his head he waves at the door and calls goodbye to us.

Well. At least there wasn't time for tears.

My baby. Is in school. well sort of. Have you checked their schedules? They RARELY get a full week in any month!!!!!

Sidenote - picking up your kid from school is NO JOKE. When you drive. OY. I want the van with the DVD player! You have to be there EARLY... or you walk in the mud when it's raining!

Mommy making him pose at home inside. Because it was RAINING.

See? Grrrrrrrr

The rain sure made her hair look awesome hey????? She was LOST without him. Every 20min at home she asked if it was time to go and pick him up!

See? Didn't even turn to look. LOL.

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  1. Awesome pics! He looked so excited! Yay for no time to cry!



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