Monday, September 6, 2010

365 day 274 smiles sludge slime and a few cuties thrown in

A day down by the river is VERY exciting for our crew!!!
This day was no exception.... Uncle Troy had a bit of time and was taking the nephews down to the river so we went along with them for some fun.

Thankfully.... the mosquitoes did not wage a FULL on war with us and we had a great time!

My most willing model of the whole bunch..... I can ALWAYS count on him!!!

Only my kid would find a way to make a mud puddle at a rocky beach. lol.

There may or may not be something amiss with this outfit ;)

She was cleaning her shoes.......

Care for a swim????

Masterminds at work.

oh yum. A lesson in algae. Or as Rohan says - allergies.

Uncle Troy's version of a nice leisurely walk. Um ya... or not so much!


You sure we have to leave?????


  1. Thats such a great location! Thats exactly what I wanted for tonight, but didn't find!

  2. I would be PERFECT for like around 6pm here. PERFECT. Now all I need is someone who is down with that time lol.



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