Thursday, September 2, 2010

those kids running in the water park in their underwear.....

MINE. lol. Yep. I mean really.... what kind of parent lets their kids run around like that? ME. Well not normally. Not normally OUTSIDE of our house. Because my kids were born to be naked it seems.

We went to the park to meet my sister. And today was surprisingly warm!!! So warm that after being at the park for an hour the kids took off off to the water park. The same water that we had all talked about in the car when we saw it was on. In disbelief. I mean it wasn't even on all the summer it was so cool here. And then it was on today?

Well..... the kids were hot. The water was on. Clothes came off. And fun was had.

VERY sad I didn't bring suits... as it got later in the day the sun was gorgeous and the pics are awesome... but no suits no posts lol. This weather drives me nuts... we have a car full of mittens, hats and vests because it has been SO COLD and my kids end up at a waterpark running around in underwear. Only here ;)

I had a ton of fun photographing water though.... there were barely any kids so I could get closer than normal. Hope it's on again tomorrow! Ro has a date with a little girl if it is nice ;) no really he does... you tell a kid they are going to big kid school and they just jump right into dating...... lol.

What a gorgeous day. Please please let our fall be like this. Or winter too. We deserve it.

SO COOL. I got a ton of random neat shots :)


What an awesome grandma. Happened to have a blanket in the car. It wasn't THAT warm out lol. the kids got cold pretty quick. But a little dry off and they were good to go again!

He was so sad his little date was leaving!

Lady GaGa in training. As per my sister. LOVE IT!

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