Tuesday, September 28, 2010

365 day 286

I am going to be catching this 365 up FOREVER!!!! Maybe I need to face it - I just keep falling further behind! A major problem I have been struggling with is my computer. It is SO SLOW. A few days ago I couldn't even get it to open a program. So I have been painfully defragging, running virus scans, and cleaning it up. When I threatened my computer with it's life over the internet via ipad it must have been listening because it finally opened. Too scared to turn it off I have been in the process of backing everything up (so my new dvd burner is getting a workout) just in case it does not turn on. EVER AGAIN.
The cd player randomly whirring and opening up is also a good way to freak a girl out late at night.

While going through this I have had sessions, am still designing my new website,  I have a little boy turning 5 and my man is turning 40 (both birthdays  in one week), kindergarten, playdates, and the sun is SHINING finally. So who wants to be at home?

So I will catch up. I still am taking the pics.... but I need to pull myself together. Life is so wonderfully complicated right now :)

The wonderful chip lines are courtesy of DADDY... who else gives chips right before supper ;)

These 2 play so well together. And are just fun to be around. They crack me up constantly... I love when they get the chance to hang out together!

I find it hilarious to watch kids take marker lids on and off. Oh the concentration and frustration... and the joy when the lid id finally OFF!

Park date after supper. This never happens for my kids. And so of course it ended badly lol. TOO late!

After our park date it was pitch dark outside getting the kids ready for bed. Which almost never happens lol. I took the chance to use the highest ISO setting on my camera and take some pics with them being lit up by the ipad. Watching a documentary on Netflix. Dion's newest addiction!
Now having netflix has completely confused us. We signed up on the ipad and can NOT figure out who to contact to get the disc so we can use it on our Wii. We also don't know if we can stream it from the ipad directly to the tv for now (besides doing a jail break. Why DOES Apple make the ipads/pods so frustrating!). Also.... do Canadians really get anything worthwhile other than documentaries??? Seem Americans get some pretty awesome shows and movies we can't find. Would LOVe to get the discs like they do!!!! If you are in the know.... let me know :)

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