Tuesday, September 7, 2010

364 day 276 some park.... a storm.... now THAT'S hail!!!

Taking the kids to the park is probably my fav thing about summer. I love love letting them run around and play. Now that they are getting older it gets to be a little less work for us parents too :) Which does make it more fun!

This summer.... if it was nice out we went. No question. As you may or may not notice from all my blog posts! Because the nice was usually short lived and did not happen all that often. Sometimes.... we were racing a storm.

On this day....... we almost got caught in it! And judging by the size of the hail - that would have hurt.

One way to make the swings more exciting.....

And another way. I tried doing this with them. The swings are NOT as much fun as I remember lol. The older I get the more my stomache and head dislike this. I AM THAT OLD.

Hey Keag..... do you like going to the park? hahahahaha

We figured it was prob best to leave when this arrived.

This is prob one of my fav pics EVER.

This happened about 2 min after we got home. My CF card was full - so I was quickly trying to upload some pics so I could take some of the storm. It was SO SLOW I figured I would pull out the d80 and take some. WELL. Forgot how to use and find half the options. So I let my camera upload some then stopped it. Had to get some pis!

It was so windy - our get opened. freaked us all out!

Dion ran out to grab a piece..... and we froze in in the freezer while the camera finished uploading the pics lol.

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