Wednesday, September 1, 2010

365 day 256 I'm taking a course and I took my kids out for a shoot!

So I am in the first week of a four week photography course. I love taking photography courses. I always strive to be better. Shoot smarter. Edit better. So taking courses are super exciting for me!!!!

I let the kids stay up until sunset. MY KIDS. The ones that wake up at 6:30. It went ok. Kade was totally into it. She wanted them done was modelling her new clothes. Ro was.... the complete opposite of that.
Add to the drama.... the storm clouds rolled in and WHAM lost the beautiful sunset light. So it was NOT the best night for pics.... but I had to make do as it rained for the next two days and my assignment was due!!!

They still turned out fab... and I am happy. I actually had a planned shoot. With my kids. Dressed up all cute. Although... it actually got pretty cold - so they ended up un hoodies and vests.... not at all what I envisioned!!

For the record. They never slept in either. And went to bed at 10. grrrrrrrrr.

So ready to get some pictures! How cute is this!

How she REALLY feels ;)

This was the VERY end of the night... we lost the light and the kids lost their *happy* LOL

I love this picture. Too bad the light was sooo not there. Or it would be HUGE. on my wall. DARN STORM CLOUDS!!!!

LOVE LOVE the field shots here - Good in early morning and sunset :)

Love these shots!!!

Just a SMALL sample of how many pics I have to take to get one of her smiling. 
This one... OK mom I will look at you. THIS IS me smiling MOM. No really mom I am saying SMILE right now. She always says smile... and frowns while doing it!

OK OK I will smile... but will look away.

And now I will look the other way.....

Oh... what's that down there????


And the end result. COMPLETELY worth it.


  1. Your daughter is dressed SO CUTE!!!

  2. Wonderful pics! Who cares about the light, these are fantastic. You can't wait for the perfect picture to come along for the wall, you just gotta do it!



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