Tuesday, September 21, 2010

365 day 281,282,283, and 284Welcome to Forks

 Calgary is the new Forks. at least I hope so. Because I really need SOMETHING to look forward to if this is going to be our weather from now on.

You take away my sun? I at least want the excitements of vampires in town. Give us something to talk about. Something that makes this depressing drizzle worth it all.

Ever morning I wake up to drip.......drip...........drip.drip.drip......drip and just want to crawl back under my covers and sleep it away. But I can't. Because I have kids to look after.
Then I go to imagining a nice warm fire and a delicious vat of coffee ready with a good book in hand. But I can't for a few reasons. The first being our house may burn down if the chimney doesn't get cleaned first. And although we spent 1/2 hr in the chimney cleaning section of Canadian Tire we walked out with nothing as Dion thought he might be able to borrow from his friend. And then it has been forgotten ever since. So there our chimney sits..... begging for a cleaning.... and me begging to use it. Another reason would be where the heck do you get firewood at a decent price? Without buying a cord - really where am I going to put that much wood? I can't even park A CAR in the garage... never mind storing all that wood somewhere around here. The other problem is..... sitting and reading a book while drinking coffee in front of a fire SOUNDS ideal..... but realistically my kids would NEVER let me be that relaxed!!!!

THEN IT HITS ME. This could be snow. Noooooooooooo. Please no. So then I jump out of bed and race to the window. Once it has been snow. The rest - still rain.

Every morning it is the same. And the blahs set in again. And my headache starts all over. This has been life for the last how many weeks????

I can't even get motivated. Part of me doesn't want to. I just want the sun. Please please let the sun come back to Calgary.

I love this picture. About 5 min later we were running for cover. Lightning, thunder and hail. Typical. But what an awesome picture!!!  This was taken the same day as 280 so I didn't count it :)

SERIOUSLY???? A slug. On our front steps. I have NEVER EVER seen one before. day 281

Our worms are turning into snakes. *giggle*  day 282

AND.... we have a nice healthy mushroom patch growing in our FRONT YARD. Which is a sloped front yard. That is now so soaked your foot sinks into it when you walk. It's awesome. Cause the bottom of your pants are soaked by the time you get into the house. day 283

AND THEN.... on really lucky days..... it SNOWS. awesome. day 284

Mother nature hates Calgary. And now off to buy some Vitamin D. I need to find happy.


  1. Beautiful shot of Calgary! you need to sell that one to the city! it is far better than any that they have LOL



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