Friday, October 1, 2010

not even a week old

Hello newborn sweetness!!! This little girl has hands down the most amazing hair. On top of the gorgeous hair she has the sweetest disposition. She was just a little joy to be around..... she must get it from her parents! They are amazing and little miss A slept through almost my entire time there! She is absolutely precious, thanks so much for a fantastic morning!

They are also from Manitoba..... the awesomeness factor was EVERYWHERE today :)

Seriously... just look at this gorgeous hair! I totally get why mom is hoping it doesn't fall out!!!! stay in pretty hair!

You have to grab the sweetness when you can... even when the baby may be tiring of her photo op! What an amazing couple. You could just feel the zen in the house. Really... I wanted to move in ;)


  1. What a gorgeous baby! beautiful processing!

  2. Once again, absolutely lovely!!! Makes me so excited for mine!



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