Thursday, December 24, 2009

365 day 55 big bokeh challenge

Christmas is ALMOST here!!!! So I have been getting some skills with Christmas lights. I keep seeing all the pics with humungous bokeh from tree lights. So I wanted to get practicing so tomorrow I could get some nice (hopefully) shots.
The trick is having subjects far from the tree, and opening the app up all the way. Which (as you'll see) means if your kid turns or both eyes aren't on the same plane of focus - only what you focus on will be in focus - unless you can back farther up from them. Which I just run out of room - so I opt for some in focus to get the circular bokeh I LOVE!!!

I was dying to try the Starbucks pic - it did NOT go as planned. My windows cast harsh glares on the cups - I am going to try again at night with my lights! What I will do for pics lol.

Here are my first attempts!!! and yes she is in her brother's pajamas.... don't judge lol.

Woa - that look def means trouble!

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