Tuesday, December 15, 2009

365 day 48 family session | Calgary family photographer

Some of you have definately caught on to my cheat days ;)
I have finished my last family session at the barn....I shared one pic before, but wanted to put up some more!!!!!
Finally getting into the groove of family sessions..... I had so much fun with my friend V and fam. Good times!!!!

Seriously... how could I NOT have fun!!!!

Remember this photo? FIXED it!!!!

I love catching a family doing what they do!

I just love this pic..... seems fitting to just remember how they looked while you watched them playing! Goes by WAY too fast!

another debut.... I have MANY card templates... but didn't offer them this year. Here is a sample - stay tuned next Christmas!!!!!


  1. LOVE THEM Kathy. Thank you so much for taking the time to take pics of our family, we had so much FUN!!!!

    Love the punch in the face one awesome haha. I love the template as well (but its not 2008 lol)

    My very favorite is the one of us watching and the kids playing, you really do need to capture those moments, especially when they are all playing together haha

  2. UGH!!! I changed everything on that card and didn't notive the DATE!!!!!! It WAS too late I guess :) I'll fix that for you!

  3. i love them all kathy. love them! Beautiful family vanessa!

  4. I love your family Vanessa! So high tech! and the timmy's is great!
    Great pictures Kathy....could I bribe you with a headband for Kade to tell me how you fixed the phone pic????

  5. LOL you should send that one photo to "Blackberry" they may pay you to use that as an Ad! Great shots!



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