Wednesday, December 9, 2009

365 day 38 | Calgary photographer

OK so I son't even know where I am. I am going to post like mad to catch up!
This isn't in order... and really... would anyone care???

Today my car died :( Very sad indeed as it was a preschool day. And I don't exactly understand it as it's warmer today than it has been - yet my car started fine every other day...... must have been COLD last night!!!!!
So I phone my man who tells me to plug it in and then see. Not having much time till preschool I called my sister who came and picked Ro up for school. THANK YOU :)

So I go to find a cord. Ummmmm ya no thanks D. I'll electrocute myself some OTHER day!!!!! He told me there were good ones out there... but anyone living with a man totally into tools and hobbies knows you just don't even WANT to go messing around in his garage!!!!

So I opted to have some fun with the camera instead. Kade was incredibly happy watching me set everything up to sit down let the camera take a pics and hear my say crap let's try again!
Self portraits can be hard! the focus kept falling on my hat.... and I couldn't figure out my remote to get it working with the camera, so I went with the timer lol.

We both had alot of fun...... I don't like pics of myself they keep telling my to lose some weight lol. But these were pretty fun. PLUS a set up a light on the background and used my kitchen windows for the lighting on me. It's not perfect... but it has given me some good ideas to try over the winter months!
I get too many comments telling me they never see pics of me.... so prepare yourself!

I am so glad Ro got to go to school. He came home and said 'Mom I can sing the concert songs correct'.
Phew. He was stressin over this so bad - he actually made himself sick. Wahooooo now I get to see him at the preschool concert. And prob bawl again lol.

Ever picture tells a story..........................

What happens when you think your child won't be out of your house for 2 hours like he is SUPPOSED to be (remember my post about crying when I sent him to preschool the first day? So OVER that!)

And THIS is one of the cords I found. Um ya.... not happening!

Ahhhhhhh silence. My sister came and got him!


  1. Wow! These are awesome!!! Put it on your website! I tried to do it, never again! hahaha you did na aweosme job!

  2. LOL was rather tricky. I hope to get my remote working soon!!!!
    My teeth look incredibly white..... should have toned them down. They used to look like that IRL - but I don't think they do anymore. I'm not sure why they look like that in the pics lol.

  3. Love these! I hate car issues. That's the quickest way to bring me to tears.

  4. awwww thanks *blushing* I look OLD lol.



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