Thursday, December 17, 2009

365 day 50 it's tree time! | Calgary children's photographer

Well... we had our tree up for 2 days. It was TIME TO DECORATE!!!!! D is not much into the chaos of decorating trees. So Ro, Kade and I dug into the the forever knotted up impossible to uncurl lights..... brought out the breakeable glass ornaments (who wants to guess how many are already broken!)...... and Ro broke the star for the top of the tree. Oh yes... and Kade fell over and almost took out the tree.
All in all - good memories.... little damage! And only one timeout was served... although it was threatened more than once!

Waiting with anticipation for their pics to be over so they can start trashing the joint *I mean decorating*

Kade's version of looking at me and smiling.

opening up the boxes!!!

Lights are made to be messy. and time consuming. and annoying. almost painful.



  1. Love that last pic!!!! Wow!!!!

  2. I want a real tree next year. I also love the last shot!!!



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