Sunday, December 13, 2009

365 day 47 the weather outside IS frightful! | Calgary family photographer

So with the weather extremely cold (especially for here) what is a family to do?????
It showed -26 on the truck's thermostat...... as we headed out to GO GET A CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!! Nothing no nothing stops this family from getting out!
It was cold too... real cold. While picking a tree D was like are you SURE this is the one??????? I was like man I am SO cold right now... I don't care! No really I don't. Usually I am a little picky lol.
And those few minutes spent outside had the kids crying by the time they got into the truck. Poor little hands :(

We did a bit of running around.... not scared of a little cold! But for those of you following my car saga.... I am TOTALLY afraid of what happened when I got in to drive my car again.... after a couple days at the shop and YES I filled the tank with gas - the check engine light came on AGAIN. Like really..... will we ever have GOOD Christmas karma????

Anyways... it was a very rare day for us... spent mostly indoors just hanging out and playing around. A good day! So I grabbed the cam and just started doing some fun snaps. And got a couple of my fav pics of Kade - maybe ever. It's so rare to get really great pics of her - I TOTALLY wish I had done her hair today LOL. Then they would have been perfect :)

I used my tammy for these.... not my 50. And you know what? Loving her a little more :)

Letting it fall out.......... The kids are VERY excited over the tree this year. Can't wait to decorate!

Ro was busy taking comparison pics..... of the tree falling out at various times.

We were wondering if we got lucky and alvin and the chipmunks could have been hiding out in there!

Woweeeeee she's SMILING!

One of the messiest,driest trees EVER! Dion just swept up the amount of a small tree lol.

These two are my fav's of the day. So sweet and so Kade!

It's really cold. This is what happens!

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  1. Ahhh, Kade is smiling!!! Love the pics! Great that you all got out together!



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