Tuesday, December 22, 2009

365 day 53 (Sat catch up) macro action!

Well. I have drooled over a macro lens for um ever. And am still lol. I won't be getting one anytime soon - but I did a have a little fun with a *free* type of macro. The poor man's (or woman's I guess) macro.
How? Take your lens off, and flip it the wrong way, and hold it up to your camera.
You have to focus by moving towards your subject and back away. When it's in focus CLICK IT!!!!

I was debating whether or not to try it... I mean I don't want dust or dirt getting into my baby - or drop my lens lol. But I was itching to try it. SO I DID!!!! Now.... I thought it was going to be hard - and it was. Only a few shots cam out in focus at all. I think maybe I need to close up the app a little and try again. Plus I was doing it late in the day..... so I had slower shutter speeds and high iso to deal with.

BUT...... WOW! I want that macro even more now! How AWESOME are these (not perfect - but you get it!)!!!
These are completely uncropped... you can get THAT close to your subject..... AMAZING!!!!

snowflakes on a branch highest ISO as I have.... still wasn't enough!! and my focus was shaking more from me moving and slow slow shutter speeds.... but I'm going to get it!!!

Kade's lashes... seriously... only a few got focused on - this is UNREAL!!!

Very small Christmas ornament......very small...a little bell..... it's on a striped chair now that is impressive!


  1. LOVE the eyelashes! I tried those too but they didn't work well! Its fun isn't it!

  2. I HAVE to try this! I love the snowflakes they don't even look real!

  3. ummmmmmmmmm so cool. I cant beleive you can get so close to a snowflake that you can almost magnify it....love it

  4. oh i also wanted to say that you got so close to the snowflake that i think i can see Whoville lol.



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