Monday, December 21, 2009

365 day 52 (Fri catchup) | Calgary children's photographer

It's SNOWING!!!! Oh how I love SNOW!!!!!! (ok for the time it's meant to be here lol)
Kade is turning into a TOTAL comedian. She just makes me laugh!
Today we were supposed to go to the mall for pics with Santa. The morning went like this:

ME: Kade do you want to go see Santa and get your pics taken?
Kade: Ummmmmm NO. I'm still mad at Santa. I want you to save me from Santa.
Rohan: Kade don't you want presents from Santa?
Kade: Ummmmmm NO.

After one forced lunch break and around 2 hrsish - we got the pics. HILARIOUS. I had her primed and she knew she would get cookies........ but even that didn't totally work. But it did get her on my lap with the shot being her struggling to get out of my grasp. The photographer wanted her to look so bad - I was like JUST SNAP ALREADY!!!! She then wanted to retake it which ended in Kade screaming lol. It was OVER like that :)

Anyways... here's some of the little comedian!!! Proving that 2 can be FUN! I actually got a few today I really love of her... these are a couple of favs!


  1. HAHA what a ham she is!!! Her hair looks adorable as well.

  2. holy mini you!




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