Tuesday, December 29, 2009

365 day 57 | major changes for Kade

Just under 2 weeks ago Kade announced she wanted her ears pierced.
When she was a baby Dion wanted to get them done - but I didn't. I wanted her to be old enough to decide for herself. Thinking she would probably be around 5-7 or so.
So I went and booked an appt at Merle Norman's. She couldn't wait! The appt was for a week after booking. She said every day that she wanted them done and wanted pink earrings (at one store she picked out green.... but changed her mind the next day). So the day came TODAY!!!!
I said ok Kade let's get ready and she was ALL OVER IT. OK mommy.... Rohan get ready!!!! Daddy had a day off today too so we all went together.
She walked right in, picked out her earrings (after being very disappointed they didn't have the pink she wanted) a very nice pink. And yes she is 2 going on 12 lol.
She sat on daddy's lap and DID NOT move. Barely blinked. Sat through the dotting, getting the guns ready and the shooting. She jumped a little after that - and we think one girl may have hurt her a bit (see pic below lol) - but she said nothing. You can just SEE the determination in her eyes. She decided it, wanted it and went for it. EVEN when it meant having people talk to her... more importantly touch her. That is a HUGE deal for her - it sometimes makes her very upset just to have strangers talk to her - she must have REALLY wanted this!!!!

She never even touched them or anything for hours!!!

She must have been in shock though - she did see them in the mirrors there and was super happy, but 3 hrs later at home she said 'What's in my ears daddy' lol. So cute. So I took her to the mirror and the smile on her face - oh that smile. She was THRILLED. Awwwwww *teary*
another one of those moments..... what a cutie!

Getting ready to leave.......

making the dots

1,2,3 BAM!

And done

The LOOK hahahahaha

awwwwww taking a look for the first time

and another look lol she couldn't get enough!

at home... she thought I was taking pics of her hair lol.

Seriously.... HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This is great! What a great bunch of pictures to document a momentous day! What a brave little girl!

  2. Wow! I can't believe you did that! WE just did it with Rebekah a year ago and it was so traumatic that the other two don't want theirs done! LOL That's impressive that she didn't even move! Wow!

  3. Very cool. I don't think I would be able to not cry if I got MINE done.



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