Friday, January 15, 2010

Valentines day special.... You do NOT want to miss this!!!

Who doesn't want to have the coolest valentines day cards around??? I am not the typical mom into the cards you go and buy then spend the night writing to and from..........
Expected of course... seems my whole life revolves around pictures.

So here it is..... wait for it....... wait for it.........

My first mini sessions EVER!!!!!!!

the deets:

Date: Saturday Jan 23
Location : my studio (aka my house for those of us that live here)
Time: 10am - 2pm
Cost: $40

the loot:
-4 high res pictures on cd ready for print. Can be 4 of one child or combinations of your children
-4 valentines cards chosen by you for each picture on cd ready for print.
- websize files to match

the day broken down:
You come to your appt time. You pick the color of background you want (choices in the rules section). I take the pictures and upload them to the computer. You then choose the poses that you like. You pick the cards you would like. I will have them all up on my computer to choose from. That's it!!! I will have the pictures ready and delivered the next week so you can print them ahead of time to give out!!!Perfect personalized cards to give of your cutie pies!!!

the Rules:
-I need 10 bookings to make this happen. I will only be taking 10 bookings.
- backdrop options: black, grey, blue, brown and pink
-4 pictures is the max for this deal. So if you choose a card that has 4 openings I will put those 4 in that card, and the other cards will be made using the same pictures as the 4 opening ones. Hope I explained that well :)
-sessions are 20 min. 20min. So be on time or your session may be cut short.
- I have around 20 cards to choose from. They can all be personalized... even have the to and from added :) just talk to me at your session and I will see what can be done!
- there will be a watermark on the picture. It will be small at the bottom corners. It MUST be left on for printing. I will not make it huge.... I will not cover any main parts of the card or over your picture... but it will be there :)
- I will also have some cute props for the pics if you so desire. I will discuss that when you book as they will be CANDY!

Book quickly..... I will keep updating as I get the bookings... and let you all know the time slots left.
And tell your friends...... if you want these cards lets get the bookings!!!!

I am very excited over this....  I cant wait to hand them out!

Here are some I did today. Please keep in mind I was watching 4 kids under 4 - so the pics are not in a real studio setup - but I needed some pics to put in the cards!! Don't forget to check the post below for Keag's pic!! LOVE that card :)


  1. I am so excited for you! This should be great!!!

  2. Wish I could come out there and have you do my kids!



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