Monday, January 11, 2010

365 day 66 | Calgary children's photographer

Well here we are on day 66. I know most of you know I am not caught up. Well I am not even going to try. I have tons of pics to go back to - but it's not going to happen :) It has taken a while for me to be ok with this, but stuff out of my control happened and I just wasn't able to keep up. SO my 365 is going to be 365 posts - just def NOT in 365 days lol.
I do have some stuff that will get posted - I am just too far behind right now!!!!

Anyways - disclaimer over lol.
SO.... here we are. Today I thought I would take pics of all different persepcitves. Just to give you a feel for how different things can look.

NOW - if anyone says ANYTHING about my messy kitchen - there will be trouble. HA! Let's just say today was a CRAZY day. Finding out registration for kindergarten was today THIS MORNING did not make for a good day. Especially was we hadn't decided where we wanted to send him yet!

This is what I describe as reg perspective..... teehee. A parents view of their kids doing an activity or anything really. I am at my full height just watching them. How I will remember seeing them :)

sidenote.... I LOVE how he is starting to envision his drawing and try to draw STUFF. not just scribbling anymore :)

But now... getting down to their level... it's like a whole new picture. My fav kind of picture. Just seeing their faces doing what they are doing. It just changes everything... like I am right there sitting with them.

can make for getting some interesting effects too..... remembering how fast her hands are moving while she is painting!!!

and over the shoulder. From their perspective. Seeing what he is seeing RIGHT then.

Joke of the day.......
(me) Rohan I can NOT believe we are going to register you for kindergarten. Can't you just stay my baby please????

(Ro) MOM - I am NOT a baby. I am a big boy. If you want a baby GROW ONE IN YOUR TUMMY!!!!!!

(me) HAHAHAHAHA.... falling down laughing!


  1. Love the dialog! Too funny! What a good mom you are letting them paint! Such a messy activity!

  2. Ohh Kathy, I LOOOOVE reading your blog.. Whenever a new one is up it is my morning activity with my coffee. You are such an encouragement. Good mother and amazing photographer!!



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