Thursday, January 21, 2010

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I am in the middle of reading one of the best parenting books I have ever read. It is not out to teach people how to parent, or easy answers. It is about offering a fresh perspective (see it ties into my blog) on children. How we parent them, how we talk to them. It is awesome and really makes you think.
If you are a parent, I highly recommend this book.

Nurture Shock
Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman

I am completely enjoying it and will prob read it more than once.

My fav quote so far:

"Emphasizing effort gives a child a variable that they can control. They come to see themselves as in control of their success. Emphasizing natural intelligence takes it out of the child's control, and it provides no good recipe for responding to a failure."

How true. I have already started changing how I praise my kids for getting something. As opposed to just wow you are smart! And it is really hard - you're smart just rolls of the tongue. BUT I totally believe this. and it is something I am going to stick to.

This book is really fascinating. I love it. end of story.
I will do a few updates on it as I go along :)


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