Saturday, January 16, 2010

365 day 71 | Calgary children's photography

I promised a funny pic... and I know how to deliver!!!!!

I have posted before over Ro's bedtime antics.... but this one was AWESOME.

He had his hair cut the other day - a faux hawk again. They sprayed the red hairspray in it too - so it was pretty red up there.
When I went up to turn his light off ( both kids fall asleep here with their lights on lol) I laughed the whole way down the stairs. He was in his pjs... with Kade's underwear on over top!!!!
Not to mention he must have snuck into our room as he had mascara ALL over his eyebrows and lashes and half his face.
So he had red hair, mascara everywhere, and Kade's underwear on. It was AWESOME lol. Too bad he turned over when I ran to get the camera!

Here's the pic.....

Joke of the day:
We went to go get Ro a new bed today. Lucky kid - a huge and comfy bed!!! Most of that was for selfish reasons - I send a lot of time in there and his bed was not comfy!!!!

Anyways... we were paying the saleslady.....

Ro(to the salesladay): I'm 4 you know
Saleslady: oh you look much older than 4! I thought you were 5!
Ro: Don't be ridiculous!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA we all had a laugh over that! She told Dion went she helped him carry the mattress to the car we have a very bright son! So funny!


1:30 is taken...... Book quickly!!!


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