Friday, January 29, 2010

365 day 80 | do you know what this is?

I have been MIA again... I know you've all missed me ;) This year has been one rollercoaster after another for me. I had a flu knock me out for almost a week, Then a major sinus cold, then the flu again (just the last few days). That combined with kids that have also been sick, a honey that has been sick and has to work, and kids not sleeping very well at all has really kicked me to the curb. I do believe we are on the upswing now, but I have to put it out there. Being this sick has put me behind. It is just something out of my control :(

But now.... as things are looking up I am determined to finish a couple of newborn sessions so we can share in the newborn squishiness very soon :)

So here's to a day with no sickness (although seriously my neck and back are killing me from having to sleep in my daughters teeny bed last night. Because really..... her bed was Rohan's bed. We bought Ro a new bed and gave Kade his old one. We bought Ro a new bed because it was too uncomfortable for me to sleep in if I had to. Which happens around here. So you can see where that led.... to me back to sleeping in the uncomfortable tiny bed!!!!!)

On to the post!!!!
I have my cousin to thank for this.
seriously..... my kids love crafty stuff. artsy stuff. messy stuff. So when my cousin and family showed up with this stuff Rohan HAD to have it.
I found out where you buy it and got some for Rohan's birthday. Well he loved the stuff.

Here's where the hints come in. It is string covered in WAX. And kids LOVE it. They love to play with it on our wood table. They like to spread out all over our hardwood floor and play with it.
When the windows are warm enough they REALLY love sticking the designs they make to the windows.

ok......... do you know what it is? Bedaroos. They are a great way to pass the time. Really fun, the kids love to make things with it.

Now for the downside... on wood this stuff is TORTURE!!! It's WAX..... so as much fun as it is... it is WAY MORE CELANUP.

But we're all for our kids right.... so we let them have their fun and grumble the whole time cleaning.

Today was a day they got to play with it..... grumble, grumble, grumble...... ;)

And now for the offending culprit......


  1. We found out that it was awful to clean up when we tried to wash the inside of the van windows! It doesn't come off, its still there, we've tried everything! Good luck, I threw mine out!!! LOL

  2. I will have to ask Dion what he used to get it off the windows later.... we tried a whack of stuff and got it off. It's NASTY.

  3. mine arent creating a big problem but they only get played on at the table or get stuck to the windows or floors....yet!



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