Saturday, January 9, 2010

365 day 64 | enough already

OK - I am pretty sure this time. Sickness is over. It's back to normal. Whatever that is :)
SO - on to my blog. It needed a breath of fresh air anyways!!!

For the next few weeks I am going to try practicing some different things. getting a little more in depth. I fell like I have my focus down pretty well with my 50 and am ready to move on.

So..... let's start with something NEW!

I have a pretty nice camera. So I MUST take great pictures right?????? I hear that ALL the time. Your pictures are nice... what kind of camera do you have?
Well I'll tell you. I have a Nikon d700. And yes it's my baby. It's pretty nice. But IT does not take my pictures without ME telling it what to do. It doesn't even have auto! And you don't need a super nice camera to take great pics..... for me I just want to shoot a lot indoors... and wanted higher ISO capabilities. I also wanted a full frame camera.

I do want to get into camera settings and technical stuff eventually. But for now I am going to start with the basics. What everyone needs to know just improve their pics... whether from a camera phone, a point and shoot, or a dslr. Stuff that I have learned along the way. I also want to push myself to learn and practice more... so it's win win!

So for the next week or ish I want to start really focusing on perspective. There are so many things to take into consideration when taking pics. UNLESS they are those awesome never going to ever happen again I need this for my album shot that you just shoot and hope for the best!! And I do have tons of those too!

Perspective is something I try to reall consider when I have a vision of what I want the end picture to look like. If it's my son examining dirt... I want to be low down on the ground with him... just as I would be if I was sitting beside him just watching... enjoying his inquisitive looks, seeing the dirt up close as he is.
Or do I want to take it looking over someone's shoulder.... seeing the world as that person/people are seeing it at that exact moment... capturing it forever.
Do I want to take it from a child's perspective... looking up at the world. Seeing how HUGE everything looks to them.
Or do I want a child looking up at me... catching their grin and gorgeous catchlights that occur when someone looks up at you.
Do I want to take a pic from the outside looking in, the inside looking out.... eye level.... or do I want to capture how small that little baby is shooting from above.

So you see.... perspective can MAKE a picture. Perspective gives you the beginning of a story. It is one of my goals... to find the perspective that MAKES that particular picture... that helps capture that moment they way I want it to... that will help tell the story of that moment.

These pictures are of Kadence..... she saw the strawberries and got to them first as Ro was in a time out. Boys get that A LOT lol. I wanted to take the picture from my perspective, but at her level looking up. Because she is so small... her hand all over the place trying to catch the elusive berries...... then I wanted a few at eye level - to really get the feel of being shorter than the counter and at eye level with someone CLEARLY reaping their rewards lol.

Hopefully.... it helps display some of what perspective means to me!!!


  1. These are AWESOME!!!!! :)

  2. Love the second pic! Very cool perspective!



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