Sunday, January 24, 2010

365 day 77 | JMK | Calgary children's photographer

My little girl has moodswings at the millisecond.
She was born to give dirty looks (just ask my sister) and her smile... which at times seems impossible to get can melt your heart. As she gets older the smiles are getting more frequent..... but the dirty looks are also getting a tad more annoying too! I have a feeling we are in for trouble with her when she hits those 'awesome' teenage years!!!!

Today we had a vday shoot. I really wanted some of my kids but quickly gave up. I never even snapped Ro's. I tried with Kade, but didn't REALLY try. Taylor had her cracking up, so I caught some great laughs. BUT when I tried to get her to look at me.... the dirty looks came out. IN A FLASH.

Here she is:

Hamming it up for Taylor.....

And what happens when I try to get her looking at me. She still won't look... and will stop smiling to boot!

I guess this one falls into the emotionally in focus.... cause nothing else is!!!

Story of the day..... Rohan got into some of Taylor's stuff in her closet. Found her perfume Beautiful. Let's just say after leaving the windows open ALL day, the wind and snopw blowing in - there is still know way spraying half the bottle smells beautiful. Absolutely NO WAY. He thought it goes in hair. Had his hair washed 4X and neither of us can still go near him. OY.


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