Friday, January 22, 2010

Helping Hearts for Haiti

We have all seen it. You can't avoid the news forever. Even if you are trying to because the images tear you up.
I have been struggling for days just what I should be doing to help. When something like this happens, there is something that stirs deep within. Compassion. A desire to help. Sadness. Grief for people I will never know.

A desire to reach out. To do something that will help. Because this is something so out of the ordinary. So unexpected. Life altering. World altering. Because people are hurting. People who had little to begin with are walking away with nothing. And most of them are walking away missing many people they loved.

And the children. As a mother I find this especially hard. One reporter asked a mother there if there was anything he could do and she replied please take my child home with you.
Instantly this had me in a flurry of tears. As a mother those words would possibly be the hardest words to say. Because as parents we do EVERYTHING to protect our children. We want to be all they need, their comfort their joy. And to know that she felt the need to send her child with someone... really struck me. I immediately knew there was something I had to do. I had been trying to figure it out  -but was now compelled to get into action.

Because no matter what... you should not be faced with this. We need to help. It is up to us.

But what should I do? I am one person. Just one. Then one friend said something. Use your photography. Thanks Michelle!
So..... here we are. I am joining in a group of photographers setting out to raise money for the Haitians.

This is an effort started by Michele Anderson of Pinkletoes Photography  from and  Lyndsay Stradtner of Life in Motion Photography from which I’m sure will balloon across the globe.

But I need you!!!!!!

Here's the deal!!!!!

You can win a 1-2 hr session of your choice...... a session JUST for you and your sweetheart, a mother- daughter(s), father-sons(s) session (or the other way around), or a session for your children.

The sessions will be on location.... and I have some great ideas for on location shoots as these!! Downtown, downtown at dusk for the romantics out there, at one of the great parks here, an ice cream shop.... there are many places to get some great pics here even in the winter!!!

Why these shoots? I wanted to be able to give sessions that most people don't get the chance to get all the time. We all worry about the family pics, the kids are always getting theirs done... but what about those romantic pics? The pics of a couple in love...... what about those mother daughter moments.. the sweetness of a dad having a great day with his son.

You will also receive a disk of 20 images to print until your heart's content!!!

how to win:
Go here to Canada for Haiti And make a donation. Or call the number listed there. Make a donation of $10. or more. Get your receipt. Send it to (I will NOT be keeping it... it will be deleted as soon as I have seen it and confirmed the donation).
All entries must be received to me by midnight Jan 31.

Other details:
*Winner will be drawn in a random draw and announced Feb 1st.
*Session MUST take place by the end of February in Calgary.
*If the winner does not claim their prize by Feb 5, it will be re drawn.
*winners must sign a model release.

There is MORE!!!

If you are a photog and want to get in on this... go here to get the form all filled out for info.

please blog, tweet, and share my link on facebook. let's raise some money and get someone an awesome free session!!!!! You can follow Helping Hearts on twitter and facebook.

Remember... money donated to the link here will be matched by our gov't. MATCHED.

So please..... please give. Let's spread some hope to people who are in dire need.

And one more link.... a link I saw today of an amazing rescue story from Haiti

Need another reason???? a little nudge?

because of this. what would we do if it was us not able to hug our children again. what if a natural disaster occured here and we lost our children. or if they lost us. what if on that day it had been our last hug.

because I can NOT even imagine the pain and suffering. from a natural disaster.


  1. Ok, I just donated $50 and I will email you my receipt as soon as I receive it!

  2. I seen this on pinkletoes yesterday and was also going to do it!! Good luck hope you get tons and tons of donations!

  3. are you getting any entries? I ask b/c I have yet to receive a donation receipt and I am wondering if I am going to miss the deadline to enter?



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