Wednesday, January 6, 2010

365 day 63 | Calgary children's photographer

Last night Ro was sick again. Dion still isn't feeling great either. I am ok - as long as I don't smell food or think about drinking one of my fav drinks - COFFEE. SIGH.
So I kept Ro home from school and we just hung out. We had some errands to run so I ran out and started the car. While it was warming up I decided to take some pics of the snow for the blog post today. Well my kids decided it was nice enough to come out instead of listening to me. So out they came in coats undone, no mitts or hats. I snapped a couple quick shots - knowing they were about to freeze and ran inside for my purse. By that time Ro was FREAKING out. Totally cold. Got them in the car, ran back in the house to get them mitts and away we went. It was COLD today. Went to Blockbuster and rented Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Went to Safeway. I got them kiddies hot chocolate at Starbucks - they were both cold and miserable.
On the way home -- Rohan remembered that daddy told him he could get a snorkel mask from Canadian Tire for our planned swim this weekend. So he's all hyped up - and get this (he is CANADIAN after all lol) he says 'Mommy I am getting a blue snorkel mask to match my mitts and jacket!' HAHAHAHAHA what a combo to be matching for!
So Dion came home and took him shopping. Came home and tried it all on. Is sleeping with it in his room. NOT ON. (cause with him its expected). He did fall asleep right away with it beside him (no sleep last night as he was sick) but came down an hr later.... in his pj's with the mask, snorkel, and flippers on. BWAHAHAHA. Wish I could have gotten a pic of that - but Dion and I were laughing way too hard. That kid is FUNNY.
Took out the breathing tubey thing and just said I need some milk please. HAHA.

When they thought it was a good idea to come out in the cold dressed like this.....

She must have been cold - she usually won't drink hot chocolate! She drank it all today! So cute.... Rohan kept saying "Mommy I think Myra (our dog) thinks we're drinking coffee!"

Then on to scuba gear!!!! This kid could crack anyone up!

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  1. did he actually use the flippers when he went swimming? Funny guy!



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