Friday, January 1, 2010

365 day 60 | HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!

I have many resolutions for this year. I don't normally *do* resolutions... in fact I can't honestly say whether or not I have ever done one.

The first is...... to lose some weight. Yep. It's there. It's not going anywhere unless I decide to get rid of it. Now... on to losing it!

The second..... to not get behind on these blog posts!!!!

So even though today was horrid... I'm doing one!

New Years came in with a bang at our house. We had gone out with friends to BP, then decided to come back to our house for some Rockband. My poor friend V. She has a phobia of puking.
Well... we picked our kids up from their house (her oldest was sitting with a friend) and we all went over to our house. Shortly after midnight the puking started. And it ended sometime around 10 in the morning. Horrid. to say the least. I knew it was bad when Ro laid on the couch the ENTIRE day. That only happens when he is really sick.
Poor V - not only did we send our kids to HER house for the night (not knowing they were sick) but we brought them back to ours too!!!!!

It was an awful night.. I slept on the floor in Ro's room. Well not slept - but stayed at the ready with the bucket lol. Then D got up in the morning and I slept with Kade for a few hours.
And now I am going to bed early - I do NOT want to be sick!!!!

So I didn't get a chance to take pics today as planned. Everyone here was a zombie and sick.... plus I had left my camera in the car overnight in all the madness with the kids. So I was having another mini meltdown. Hoping I hadn't wrecked that too!!! But she is good and working - so GOOD NIGHT.

And good bye to food that looks like THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! But it was soooooooooooooooo good!
Thanks for the night V - we'll have to do it again with no sickness around :)


  1. Wow! Good luck with that resolution! That dessert looks so good! Mmmmmmm

  2. mmmmmmmmmmm I want that dessert



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