Thursday, January 21, 2010

365 day 75 | calgary children's photographer

How could someone so cute cause so much CHAOS!!!!!!

I have been really sick. again. Sinus cold. I tell ya, January is NOT our month. Last year it was pure torture with a few trips to Childrens and MANY to the dr's. At least this year it's just the flu and colds.

So I went to bed early last night (ok early for me) to be up about 5 min later (how DO kids know?????) with Kade. Poor little thing - I guess I shared my germs this time. Or maybe I'll just blame it on Daddy, seeing as I'm sure he brought this home!!!
She was up almost the whole night.
Which meant today was torture. Not only am I tired, but she was hell on wheels. For real. And when she doesn't get her way.... oh my. It was just an awful day. Glad to be over it and hoping she will sleep through the night. She seems to get nosebleeds so easy - and this runny nose business is causing a ton of bleeding noses right now.
So as it is almost 1am I really SHOULD be getting to bed!!!

She doesn't get much time to herself. Much time with just mommy. She barely makes any decisions lol. Because Rohan is almost always around. So when he goes to school she really wants to do what she wants to do. And enjoys playing without someone around that we all know in the end is going to end up hurting her. It's just a matter of time before the fight comes out when they play together!
So I usually let her choose whatever she wants to do. By herself or with me.
Today she wanted to eat special K and watch Tinkerbell. And that is just what she did :)

Doesn't want to miss a minute.....

Or any of this cereal lol :)


The ONLY one of her looking at me! and slightly OOF too :(


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