Saturday, January 30, 2010

365 day 81 | Calgary photographer

I have had a few meltdowns this month. I assume January is MEANT for these kinds of things.
Photo shoots and editing has kept me busy, just as being sick has :) But our poor house..... well it needs some TLC and pronto!!! I had to renew my registration on the car... and heaven help me if I could find my pink slips. I mean I know... you're supposed to have them when driving right? BUT my registration is always up like 10 days BEFORE my new pink slips go into effect. And this year I must have tossed to old ones once I got the new ones. WHICH, of course, hadn't gone into effect yet.
Long story short, I found what I needed and got it paid - but what a mission.
Then it started - the feeling of the walls closing in, not breathing......the need to get cleaning NOW.  I had my nephews here, but nothing was going to stop me. I tore apart our pantry.
Ro went to Gram's last night for a sleepover so today Kade and I continued on. She was SO cute!!! (my little cinderalla lol) Always telling me how she was my helper. And she LOVES lady gaga. LOVES. She was singing along to paparazzi. Shocking me with the fact she can say paparazzi lol. And the dance moves.... haha totally crack me up.
So we tore apart most of the kitchen and half the dining room before Ro got back. It's going to be a long road.... but so worth it (or so my sister tells me). I have NEVER been the immaculate clean house... but a few years ago I would have refused to visit our house, never mind say we live in it!!!!!
anyways..... I snapped a quick couple of Kade. She really wanted to help.
She was scrubbing the fridge going 'oh yuck. What IS this? Ugh. Daddy is going to be SO happy when he sees this!!!!!!' It amazed me.... once Ro was gone for a longer period of time- she really came out talking. She even told me the truck was red. SHOCKING. because everything in her world is pink. always. no matter what color you are referring to. Except pink. That is blue. go figure.
I am happy to find she is just as talkative and expressive as her brother... and her vocab is much larger than we knew..... miss paparazzi!


  1. they gotta start sometime haha.

  2. She is beautiful!
    It is February now, so it only gets better from here! :)



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