Thursday, January 28, 2010

365 day 79 | cute as a button 5 month old session

I met some of the cutest brothers EVER the other day. They both have these amazing eyes and we totally cute. For sure a couple of future heartbreakers!! The oldest boy N was so adorable. I wanted to trade sons!!! He was all into pics when asked and just sat and smiled and held his bro. How could I not love a little boy like that ;) His little brother L was just as cute.... and you could get lost in those lashes and eyes. He gave me more of a workout.... he so desperately wants to sit up, but can't quite on his own yet. PLUS he just wants to roll roll roll when you put him down. Good thing mom was close to him!

Enjoy the little peek into the session!!!!

 I LOVED this picture as soon as I saw it.... he was so cute sitting playing with his big brothers hands!


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