Thursday, January 21, 2010

365 day 76 | Calgary photographer

Today we had some heavy fog annd some awesome thick frost.
Soooooo what else is a person just dying for a sweet macro lens to do? Go out and try the poor man's version again lol. My fingers were freezing by the time I got these - but I am so excited!!! My best ones yet.
It was pretty hard though. It was so gloomy because of the fog so I had to really up the ISO. That plus a fake macro... they are not as sharp as I want - but they'll do!

When I get that macro I am going to rock it :)


teeny chain holding our birdfeeder....

one little branch - just the end of it!

dead plant we didn't take out of the flower beds lol.


  1. You did awaesome!
    I am a photographer too and I went outside with my 50mm f1.8 lens to get some frost shots of the tree in my front yard. I have't seen mine yet but I hope they worked as well as yours!



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