Thursday, January 14, 2010

365 day 68 c'mon look at the camera PLEASE?? | Calgary children's photographer

Do you have these kids??? I admit it - I have probably taken too many pictures of my kids lol. They are so OVER my camera!!!
Here's Kade....... please Kade look at me.... please - you look so cute playing there... and I get this

C'mon Kade please.... just one plic of you playing nicely.... and then I get this

So then I start doing this UBER annoying noise that usually gets kids to at least look - maybe not smile... but look lol. As you can see Kade did not find it funny in the least.

So I give it one more try..... ok Kade - last click I promise!!!! and then I get this.

And that's where I gave up haha.

Now Ro - well he is really into cameras. Really. He is learning how to shoot in modes other than auto and learning how to focus. Constantly running around hmmm this part of the picture looks the sharpest...... awww I love this kid!!!

And after the haircut.... please Rohan please just one pic so we have it of your hair.... please (sound familiar) THIS is what I got!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!



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