Monday, October 11, 2010

365 day 297 some days leaving the house is just too much work.

And there are sooooo many reasons for this.

one of them is Rohan and his shoes. They have to be on perfectly. Straps lined up, tongue just so... this process can take one try or 20.

one reason is bathroom breaks. Someone ALWAYS has to go when we are leaving.

one reason is shoes, for an entirely different reason. There always seems to be one missing. Or they can't find the pair they want to wear.

one reason is just getting them dressed takes away my desire to ever have to leave the house. Matching socks? Who does that anymore lol.

another reason is forgetting something. you think you are out the door and you forgot to fill up juice cups. Or they forgot them. Or Kade has forgotten the 3rd baby she wants to bring. Or the DS's are somewhere in the house and we have to find them.

On this day.... another interesting reason popped up. After all the drama of getting them dressed and braiding Kade's hair she had a meltdown over hair gel. She wanted some that I was putting in Rohan's hair and I said no. So... while I did Ro's hair she went upstairs and came down looking like this.

She was trying to convince me it wasn't that big of a deal. Ya. Right.

I honestly do try to at least LEAVE the house with clean kids.... but even that is really hard to do!!!! I mean I am sure when people see me in public they think wow can't she wash her kids clothes or keep them clean lol. Kade is the messiest kid on the EARTH. 3 seconds and she's dirty. I try my best. Obviously she is completely against the theory of clean.


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