Monday, October 25, 2010

he can't be almost one!!!! | Calgary baby photographer

I remember photographing this little cutie when he was just a sweet little bundle of newborn squishiness!!! And now he is almost ONE!!! When his mom called I heard the message and thought NO WAY have I been doing this long enough that little man L is one! But he is. Still as cute as ever. But just a smidge more active ;)
We sure were put to the test... both mom and I and even dad had to jump in once in a while!!!

This was an amazing opportunity for me. I really really want to get into lifestly photography. Going to people's homes and really getting those personal shots. Catching kids doing what they love... playing, reading, snacking, coloring... I am all for it! These kind of pics are what I love of my children. Really getting them in their environment. Working with the natural light and making it all come together... I really love this whole process of shooting at someone's home. Thank you so much for this opportunity - can't wait to get through the pics! I am VERY proud we got some photos with eye contact - because that was super tricky! This is just a tiny glimpse.... just one part of the whole session... isn't he just over the top cute!!! And little boys playing with thomas the train..... absolutely what memories are made of!

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