Friday, October 1, 2010

365 day 289 my little ballerina

'Kade - you look BEAUTIFUL!!! Like a real princess dancer!!!'

That was Rohan's reaction to Kadence when we arrived at school to pick him up yesterday and he saw her for the first time in her little dance outfit.

'No that's ok Auntie.... I 'm going to watch Kade dance like a ballerina.' Was his response when Auntie offered him a chance to go to them park with her crew while Kade went to dance class. WHAT? For real? Yep - we were all that excited to see our little girl go off to her first class that she was so over the top excited for.

Kade has been dancing around the house the last few days, telling everyone that she is going to dance class. And how excited she is. She says she is excited, but will probably be a little scared of all the people. (anyone that has followed my lil girls fear of people and shyness knows this is serious ;) )

We spent the day shopping... the whole day. Finding ballet and tap shoes this time of year can be very time consuming. And involve a few stores ;) Thankfully we found both shoes and a super cute little ballet outfit. Kade's color of choice? Take a guess. We ran into Gram and Auntie Debbie on the way to the last store and Kade was pretty proud showing off her outfit and her little special dancing bag. It was definitely a great day for her. She was so excited for Dance she let a girl help her try on some shoes at Bodythings. That alone is worth the $$$ for the class. It has never ever happened before... I tried to keep cool but I wanted to cry I was so proud of her for talking to this girl and doing as she was asked. BIG MOMENT.

After an insanely fast paced day that involved cleaning/dropping Ro at school/shopping/picking Ro up from school/quick snack break we were off to her class. Daddy got of work early so he came too!

She was pretty nervous at first. Hiding behind my legs, not wanting to join in... everything we expected really. But I kept encouraging her, holding her hand and her teacher was really great at trying to include her. Our hard work paid off. By the end she would even hold a girls hand in the circle! (not the boy beside her lol - she made me hold his hand!)

After class we went to the pizza place that's in the same building as Rohan and Dion were starving. Where BIG MOMENT #2 happened. Kade ordered. By herself. Another huge leap for Kadence. *SOB*

After that we dropped Ro and Dion at home and took off to the fabric store. It was late... but we got through it. Got home and powered through bedtime which was HOURS late.

The last few days have been a blur... no time to get most things done. Falling behind. Stressed out. I have 2 birthdays coming up this week, sessions booked, the life of a mom with a kid going to kindergarten, dance classes, and projects everywhere. Toss in a house to clean, meals to cook, well... I'm trying to get it all done!

I am SO PROUD of you Kadence. You are just turning into this pretty little girl with such a sweet little attitude. (normally. Notice I never said always. lol) xoxoxoxoxoxo

Just before leaving for class!!!

Walking with daddy to the class! She slept with that backpack and her shoes on last night. Reminds me of her brother!

Those shoes are SLIPPERY... fell in 2.2 seconds lol. She was checking out the room before class started. She was a lot braver when it was empty!

How cool are those mirrors Kade?

She thought this was the coolest thing ever.

SO EXCITED.. clasping her little hands. Worst comp of a pic ever - yet it is my favorite from the day!

looking in at her room - dying to get the class started!

nervous habit.....

in her little line up

rolling like a pencil

tired right out... fast asleep.


  1. Awwww so awesome!

  2. ADORABLE! Kathy, do you scrap book at all? You would have the most beautiful albums!



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