Saturday, October 30, 2010

bump....bump....someone has a baby bump!

I was so excited for this shoot. Over the moon... could barely contain myself. First of all.... it was for another photographer. And really.... getting contacted by another photog feels pretty awesome.
Secondly... the weather (although recently was scaring me) was PERFECT! It was a gorgeous day out. Which was a major plus, because this mama to be wanted an outdoor session so bad we did it a few weeks earlier than normal.
Thirdly.... well the photos will tell you. They are gorgeous. Inside and out. It was like talking a walk with good friends. They were probably terrified I wasn't going to let them leave without planning a night out with them or something ;) There are so many beautiful photos from this session... you'll be seeing more soon!
I just can't wait to meet their little one....

This may just be my fav maternity photo I have ever taken. The textures and the outfit and the light.... delightful!


I do believe outdoor maternity has become a favorite of mine!


  1. Gorgeous! Not much of a bump though. Love the outdoors!

  2. KATHY! Thank you so much they are amazing!!! Wonderful Job! Can't wait to see the rest!

  3. Don't I have the most beautiful pregnant daughter ?!
    Great photos !!

  4. AWWWW you are so darn cute.. Love the pictures

  5. I LOVE this session! And I am so glad the weather made for such a wonderful day out - she looks beautiful with a perfectly sized bump!



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