Monday, October 11, 2010

365 day 294 someone's in the kitchen with gramma

Gram let the kids bake with her in the kitchen the other day. I had some work to do so I went upstairs and started on that.... but there was so much giggling and laughing going on I had to run down for a few pics.... my kids sure do love helping out in the kitchen!

And.... that usually means there are a lot less cookies that actually get to be baked - a bit of the cookie dough usually goes missing. Wonder where?

no fun at all. Sheesh they ever have fun with you?

Eyeing up the dough.....

Someone is quicker than she is!

Being told.... NO MORE DOUGH!

Concentrating.... getting the dough off spoon is a VERY hard concept. When it is not going in the mouth!

I just love her concentration face. The lip. It's sweet.

let me tell you. Those cookies were GOOD!!! Do you know in the States they have cinnamon chips (like chocolate chips)?? SUCH good cookies.


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