Sunday, October 31, 2010

365 day 302 ish..... my halloween

They were dressed for the occasion.

He wore this the whole night. Impressive. He had a nice red mark on his forehead from the foamy piece resting on it!

If I edited her messy face.... noone would recognize her ;)

Cool face painting... right?

Ahhh the lil devil..... one pic iof 10 in focus. He was RARING to go!

Kade took a few minutes to sing and dance. HIGH-larious as my sister would say. Top of her lungs belting out a crazy tune and watching herself dance in the window. Lurve that kid.

They were raring to go. And go they did. Every year we start at our house. Go up the block. Then back down the other side. This year... they made the WHOLE loop... and back up and down to hit the *SCARY* house.I was terrified of Kade going near it as the man at said *SCARY* house scared the crap out her last year and she had trouble sleeping for almost a month. But none of them were really scared and we carried on.

Oh Gram....

The loot was quite astounding from one looped block walk. Who needs that much candy anyways????

And then... time to wash that nasty smelly colored hairspray off and off to bed bed bed!!!!!

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  1. Looks like you had fun! Nice that it was still light out when you went out and were able to get great pics!



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