Monday, October 11, 2010

365 day 295. Mornings should NOT be this hard. EVER.

You know those mornings you wake up... spend 5 minutes doing your morning thing and then realize that day has a very high chance of SUCKING??? This was me the other day.

I am a pretty routine morning person.

Kade wakes me up (she is better than an alarm clock - very good at her job). We go downstairs. I start coffee, get her cereal, and then get mine. Then it's COFFEE TIME oh yeah!!!!

This particular morning coffee was NOT my friend. And as it is the first thing I do that does NOT bode well for the rest of my day. I shudder to think what a day without coffee would be like....

It went like this. I opened the can of coffee. Hoping there was enough in there for one more pot. There wasn't. OK - no big deal Kathy. You can do this. I grab the new tin of coffee. Get the can opener out. Something else fell out of the cupboard (it's over the microwave). Great. Grab that and put it back. I am now in a cold sweat.

Tim Horton's cans and my can opener hate each other. So much my can opener loses sight of it's job and never opens the can the whole way. No matter how many rounds that can goes it NEVER opens the whole way. My can opener has a hate on for it. It opens everything else. Just not my coffee. In retrospect maybe it has a grudge against me? Perhaps hiding it away when all my other appliances are out in the open is giving it a complex.... interesting.....

Anyways... so I plug the can opener in and give it a go. 3 rounds, 4, 8, 10... and I give in. It's not going to open. Out comes the butter knife. Well... that didn't work either. As much as I hate to do it I try bending the lid with my hands. Nothing.

Now I am fuming mad. I just want my freakin cup of coffee. And it's ruining my routine. And I do NOT want to see my day start without coffee!!!

So I grab the hand can opener. Which hasn't been used (or cleaned apparently - but hey that is aa entirely different post. and my cleaning or lack thereof is NOT the point of this one) for about 10 ish years lol. Well.... turns out I don't think that one even works at all lol. The spinner sharp circle doesn't turn at all. (aren't I technical bwahaha).

Now what???? It's either get dressed, dress Kade and run somewhere or die trying. I dug my heels in. I have never had a can actually win this war - but this one was sure coming close.

So I thought about it and decided. It was open enough to pour the coffee out into the old can. And then the angels sang! So I took it and dumped it. Upon dumping I realized the coffee is tightly packed in those cans.... cause it promptly overflowed. All over the counter and floor.

Great.... just when I thought I was nearing some yummy coffee goodness I had to go and grab the broom and dustpan. SO SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN DRESSED AND GONE OUT. Then I had to fight Kade for the broom. She can be helpful. Or messy. But when you are totally frustrated and needing your coffee for your routine to go on as normal.... there is no patiently waiting for your 3 yr old to sweep around the crumbs trying to help!!!

Then. On to the coffee.

Oh how I wish the end went like this. 'After all that I was rewarded with a delicious hot cup of coffee. I sat and snuggled Kade on the couch watching cartoons slowly sipping on the goodness that is coffee.'

Instead... I made a pot of coffee no person in their right mind would drink. It was horrid!!! Why on this day did that one random pot of coffee had to be made?? UGH.

And then..... I was out of filters.

So I did what anyone else would do. Grabbed a cup of water and gave up. Coffee. You won this round. But there will be many many battles. And I am relentless.

Maybe I should ask for a new can opener for Christmas?

coffee that did not fit. grrrrrrrr



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