Saturday, October 16, 2010

newborns just melt me.......

And this is why

Oh my. She was just the SWEETEST little thing!!! The sweetest!!! I seriously luck out with beautiful clients and gorgeous babies!!!

Little Miss E may have drank up a storm.... but she was oh so ready to start her modeling debut.

Normally my sneaks have mostly all baby, but this family is so gorgeous and I KNEW the black and whites would just be breathtaking so I wanted to put some up! They must have thought they entered the crazy photog's house today.... The sun was ALL OVER THE PLACE... shining brightly, hiding behind clouds... I was moving the baby, having them hold up my reflector, moving from living room to kitchen... shooting under a table - it was CHAOS!!! But all this for some gorgeous pics with all natural light. Which I LOVE for the fresh little ones :)

Seriously gorgeous.... I am just fighting the baby fever right now!!!




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