Friday, October 29, 2010

365 day 301... is it dead, I almost cried, I need advice, and I almost peed my pants laughing

I don't know if I can catch up. So many posts behind that I just want to say screw it, I can't.
But then I am SO CLOSE... and I hate that I haven't been able to do it.

I can NOT stand the fact that I started about 4 projects this year and never got them completed. Whoever said working from home is a GOOD way to spend time with your kids and make money needs their head examined ;) I have been so busy this whole year.... I feel like a top spinning out of control!

Anyways... I did take some pics last night. Despite all the drama that was yesterday.

Our dog Myra is sick. Again. Abcess anal glands. sounds awesome doesn't it? So she is on painkillers, some other medication that I can't think of right now, and I have to soak her bum at least once a day. I know you're all jealous. She would be fine and the painkillers actually get her to sleep a lot... but my other dog will NOT leave her alone. My day is filled yelling at him and swatting him away from her. I mean he is NOT helping like he thinks he is! Anyone want a dog for about 6 days? I can't take it anymore! I tried splitting them up, they just both go on their sides of the doors and scratch and whine... SO ANNOYING.

Rohan had halloween day at school. Which is GREAT. Except he was so excited he was asking to go around 8am until he actually went at 12 every 5 freakin minutes. That was spectacular. NOTHING took his mind off it.

Kade fell down the stairs. The reason she fell is quite funny. The fall not so much. She lovers her winter boots. She wore them upstairs and went to the bathroom wearing these huge honkin boots. Then when she went to go downstairs... well she fell at the top and kept going until she landed at the bottom. As if that wasn't enough drama... she came back from dropping Ro at school begging to go to the play place. Crying.. throwing a fit... I was ready for a stiff drink at that point!

And for the finale of the day:
Kade will not go into her dance class. This is her second week. I don't know what to do. She is excited all week, and on the day asks a hundred times if it is time for class yet, gets in the car, runs up to the class.

THEN FREEZES. She can not physically go in. She was FINE for two classes going in on her own before this. I thought we were past all this stuff (not past it exactly, just a bit better). Then she cries. I try to put her in the room with grandma in it yesterday and she grabbed the doorway and started screaming for dear life.... so once again we went home. Without dancing.

I need to know... what do you do when this happens? I am at a complete loss. I don't want her to quit. She is the one that wanted me to sign her up, it's not something I chose. I am a big believer of following through. If she was older I would put her in and close the door lol. But she is only 3. And she has issues. And I just wanted to sit in on the floor and cry with her last night. I don't understand this. This was never ME as a kid, so I don't get it. PLEASE SEND HELP. She is already asking me today if she has dance class... and telling me she is going to go in all by herself. Ya... I heard the same thing LAST WEEK Kade.... and she loves showing off her moves to people that come over and practicing at home - I just don't know what to do.

After the drama died down.... we were home again. And Rohan stepped away from the action, went to the living room and played. By himself. I had to grab a camera because his whole life I have been hoping to see this. And he is FINALLY doing it. amazing.

Weird how something small like that can take you from wanting to cry on a dance class floor in front of strangers - who cared at that point....... to wow this is totally amazing I am so proud.

On a completely funny note to show I am not some weirdo freak that never has any fun.... when Ro was getting ready for bed this is what he announced to Gram. 'Hold on a sec Gram, my stinger is sticking out of my underwear!' OMG. Boys are Hysterical!

It was Halloween day at dance class too. Kade had trashed her dress by the end of the night. How surprising ;) This is her smiling.... can you tell? Well she SAID she was smiling!

What happens when I try for one nice pic of Kade.

This was taken right before bed. She may be the mechanic in the family. THIS was with my camera's highest ISO setting. Take THAT canon ;)


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