Sunday, October 3, 2010

365 day 290..... SURPRISE!!!!!!

Dion's 40th bday is TOMORROW!!!!!
So his dad, mom and I conspired against him ;)
His dad flew in from Victoria on the sly. It was a TOTAL surprise!!! On the day of his arrival he totally thought I was getting him furniture. OR a surprise party. Nope not even close! He was all grumble grumble I don't like surprise parties. It better not be a surprise party.... hahahaha. Then I was being threatened over buying furniture. I mean everyone KNOWS how much we detest our furniture we just bought from Ashley's.... but I would NOT buy any more without him being there! At least then we half the blame for crappy couches ;)

So happy we pulled it off!!! Wait for the surprise he will find out about tomorrow!!! wahoooo I LOVE LOVE surprises!! The kids got in on the surprise about a 1/2 hr before and could barely contain themselves.... barely. They helped with the surprise and made daddy close his eyes when he got home and led him to the kitched where Poppa was *hiding*.

THEN... I had a babysitter lined up which went WAY more fantastic than I could have hoped for. Meghan was a dream and one kids was even asleep when we got back from the awesomeness that was our night out with real grownups!! She was amazing and we are looking forward to going out a little more :)

Happy pre birthday D.... Love ya xoxoxoxoxo

The moment he saw him.....

Just look at Kade. She has been talking about poppa and drawing pictures for him for the last few weeks. She was so stoked to see him she gave him a huge hug and tons of snuggles since. She loves him :)

Wasn't happy to see him at all ;)

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  1. What an aweosme surprise! Good job! Can't wait to hear about tomorrow....?



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