Sunday, October 10, 2010

365 day 293 man fall is HAWT!!!!

I love weekends. I love hanging out with the kids... no rush for school. Hangin out in pj's half the day.... then heading out to grandma's to go down by the river!!! It was so beautiful out... seriously this fall is SO MUCH better than the rest of this whole year has been!!!! I absolutely want to soak up as much time outside as possible. Because once winter hits.... well it'll be over lol. And living here - it could happen tonight or after Christmas... you just never know ;)

So we went out today and had a great time. Despite the fact that I did not realize it was going to be so hot. So dressed as we were and with my brilliant self leaving all the drinks in the car..... we were SO HOT and tired about 3/4 through the walk.

Two out of four ended up in the river. Just to cool off! This province has the craziest weather anywhere - I swear. We also saw a bridal party getting their pictures done. Cutest Kade moment of the day. She was convinced the bride was a princess... she wanted to go say hi!

I wanted to get three pics today. And hired gram as the photog. Good thing she's cheap ;) I ended up getting one. Not realizing my outfit looks TERRIBLE sitting down lol. It does look good standing up hahahaha.
Plus we just got there and were already dirty. Thanks to my clumsy children ;)

Clearly... the good one was NOT this one..... I was trying to get them in the mood. Cause they were NOT feeling it!

This one was my fav! Thanks Gram!!!! I gave up after this. They are just so bratty!!!! Too bad my shades were on. I threw them off after this shot and by then they stopped looking AND smiling. Boo children.

So incredibly gorgeous out.

Poor Kade. Her shoes got taken (we assume an accident) after ballet class. Her brand new very fav (and only) runners. We are waiting to see if they are returned next week - so for now she has only sandals. Which she is completely miserable over. And it makes for really awful attempts for walking at a rocky beach :(

Cool off time!!!

HEE HEE!!!!!!

Seriously... he was dumping water from his shoe. Over his head.

Love. love.

Every time I go to Okotoks I admire this view. Today I finally stopped. Just gorgeous. I love seeing the mountains in the distance. My fav part of living here for sure.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe he went in clothes and all!



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