Tuesday, August 17, 2010

today we went school shopping for Rohan

Man I saved SO MUCH money. Check it out.
We came right home and put the bags down..... look at all his loot!!!!

OK... not on the counter.... must be on the floor.

OK... coffee table?

Front entry????

Want to know where it is??? At the store. Because we left Chinook without buying one single thing. Not even socks or underwear. I went for school clothes and ended up spending 30 bucks. At the MOVIES!

You see... I never take Rohan to the mall. Well never is a stretch. But I really try not to. He, since birth, has hated shopping. SINCE BIRTH PEOPLE. I have friends that can vouch for this. This was different. He asked me if we could go shopping. He is so excited to get school stuff and start school he was really excited about going.

I had a pitstop to make at fabricland to meet a friend who is going to be doing something GREAT that willo be showcased right here!!! I was late. Both of my computers have now decided to completely stop burning discs. Completely. And I was supposed to give her her pics! Frustrated and beyond mad I left the house with the kids.... to find my car still packed from the shoot yesterday! Dion had gotten home late and I was too tired to empty the car then forgot about it! So we had to haul everything in before we could leave. So I was already in a FABULOUOS mood ;)

His excitement lasted until we walked into a *shudder* STORE. It was busy. Crazy busy. And there was barely anything in his size. After a few rounds in his dept and chasing kids, counting to 3 for kids to GET BACK HERE, and coming close to storming out of a store we went to the change rooms. Upon our arrival Kade had to pee. Being the doting mom that I am I made her hold it while Rohan tried on clothes. And only 3 things fit (insert VERY LOUD SCREAM HERE). He was sick of trying on clothes, falling over, mad, and I was not too far behind. And Kade had to pee.
So we went to the washrooms. And found a *SORRY WASHROOMS ARE OUT OF ORDER* sign. SIGH. Ok - we will not look for more clothes, but pay for these three things and get out of here. The out of order sign sparked 10 MINUTES of Rohan asking why the washrooms were broken, what happened, when would they work again, what did someone flush down there, who broke it, did they get in trouble inquisition from Rohan. It does not work to make stuff up with him - he just gets more inquisitive and you end up having to make up more stuff. Finally I was THAT mom..... ROHAN PLEASE STOP TALKING!!!!!Upon arrival at checkout we found an ungodly line. And poor Kade was practically jumping around like a little jumping bean. And Rohan was still peppering me with questions about the washrooms. I THREW the clothes down and we left post haste.

I was in a really fragile state. My nerves were raw. 15 minutes in the store and I want someone to hold ME lol.  15 MINUTES!!! And Kade still had to pee. I made a split second decision. We were at Old Navy. Shopping was obviously out. I was DONE. We needed a bathroom.

OK kids - to the movie theatre. We are going to a movie. And we did. What a gong show. Needed luch, drinks, popcorn, I needed a coffee, tickets... I could have used someone to hold stuff for me lol. I even walked away from Tim Hortons SANS coffee and had to go back for it!!!!
Then in the theater.... balancing all the food and drinks, spilling coke on me, kids losing 3D glasses, and kids needing to pee and wanting another drink.... oh my word. Going to a movie with kids is not really relaxing lol. Rohan had to leave to pee 3X!!! So we all had to truck back and forth......

Then Kade fell leaving the theater. About 10 kernels of popcorn fell out. Well... She cried for those 10 kernels like it was the END OF THE WORLD (she stilll had like half a bag!). Wouldn't put her shoe back one. I couldn't carry her - I was LOADED with all the junk they wanted to take home. Oh my. Embarrasing much?

Then we had to stop at Safeway. Oh yes it gets better. Rohan of course had to pee again. So a trip to the washrooms. Have I mentioned my dislike for public washrooms? And how much time you spend in them when you have kids??
We quickly got the milk and raced for checkout. Ya checkout. You know. Where they put all the candy.... gum.... chocolates... magazine's. To TORTURE PARENTS!!! Rohan asked and asked and kept pulling things out.... FINALLY I snapped. and made him hold my hand the rest of the time in the store. Serves him right. I HATE those stands!!!

And then... Kade made a break for it. Outside right off the sidewalk into the parking lot. Not a care in the world but to run free. Thankfully a gentleman stopped her. She immediately stops when strangers talke to her lol.
Made it home. Supper came. Bedtime came. Not sure when the recovery will start. I am scarred from this trip.

On another note.... Despicable Me. Totally AWESOME. We all loved it - and Kade even wore her glasses the whole movie!!!!! That is amazing! Go see it. Good times :)

One more funny thing...... my threat to Rohan is this.

Rohan..... we are going to try shopping one more time tomorrow for school clothes. If you misbehave I will take you to a store EVERY SINGLE DAY until school starts. We will not buy anything. But we will check out clothes and you may have to try some on. But we won't buy it. Sounds like fun hey? Hopefully... it will go better!

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