Friday, August 20, 2010

ooooh she's a fiesty one! and not even 2 weeks old! | Calgary newborn photographer

Two days ago I set off so excited to meet this little tiny bundle of joy! But.... she TOTALLY wasn't diggin me. Poor little girl was not in the mood for photos... mom, dad, and I all put forth a strong joint effort - but this little girl has some SERIOUS staying power!

So I did get some really cool lifestyle shots up in her nursery when mom was trying to calm her down and we crossed our fingers for the best.... but we decided a reshoot was definitely in order.

So today she made the trek to my hothouse studio. And slept!!! She doesn't really like to be handled much though so we didn't fuss with her too much - we definitely didn't want to upset her again :)

Here are a couple from her nursery... and one from today. Oooooh the ones from today are simply GORGEOUS!! She is so precious... and mommy and daddy are definitely going to have their hands full with this fiesty one!

This little girl is SO lucky. Her mom is sooo fantastic at decorating. I want her to decorate my house. Seriously.

And shots from today..... look how much they love this little Miss....

ahhhhhh total sweetness.


  1. WOw! What a great nursery! So glad this shoot went better than the first!

  2. she is so precious looking! makes me want more babies!





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