Thursday, August 19, 2010

365 day 252 | a trip to Wonderland

Could a 3 yr old ask for a better party???? I think not! My friend V decked her house out with Alice in Wonderland saying, props, shaped food, a rabbit hole (that seriously was a hazard to our health. That's why I didn't go through it bwahahaha) and a bit of a pool party going on in the back yard.

It was sunny and hot (so rare here this year - she must have had some good karma on her side!) - perfect for a princess at her party!!!

Such a fun spread!

She may or may not take more pictures than me.

the one and only man on the scene. heehee

Boys will be daredevils *ummm* boys lol

These girls are just so so pretty.

birthday girl blowing out her candles!!!

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