Tuesday, August 3, 2010

365 day 242 when the light is sweet | Calgary children's photographer

When the light is sweet the pictures SING!!!!
Little miss B..... how I love taking her pictures! I took them twice last year (indoor and outdoor sessions) and they were GORGEOUS. This year... they are just amazing! We went to one of my favorite gardens... the light was fabulous and she was in a fantastic mood! Her parents were totally into it too.... so it was a really fun night!!!
Thanks for the times..... here are some sneaks! There are a few - that lighting was so awesome... I am in awe! This is why I recommend sunlight/sunset times.... seriously rockin!

As soon as I clicked it, I knew it was magic! This girl was FAST.... and kept me moving. The fact that I got this shot made the whole night. She is just beautiful.

She was really loving this ring. But was concentrating hard on where to hold her arm for the pic ;)

No really.... she WAS having a good time!

There are no words. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

She was having soooo much fun. Just hanging out with the parents and playing around! So much fun to shoot!





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