Sunday, August 15, 2010

365 day 249 finally a little heat

Sheesh. This summer has got to be the biggest letdown EVER.
Today we did catch a break and it was warm enough to trek down to the waterpark!! Daddy had most of the day off, and Jenny brought her kids - so it was bound to be the best time!

Well... Rohan the clumsy fell on the concrete. Not once. But twice. Scrapes on his chest, his arms, and all over his knees. Swell. If you live in Sommerset and heard a kid crying... odds are it was him. He likes to let EVERYONE know he's hurt. And.... heaven forbid he should actually look at his owies and see blood. It just gets louder people.

Kadence clumsy #2 fell off the slide. At the regular park while we were at the water park side cleaning up. She had taken off with Keags while we were cleaning up. We could see her playing so we didn't rush over. No need for the spanish inquisition people... she fell off a slide. We weren't like at home having a beer.... but we did have to trek all the way to the other side to get her. And it looked like she was playing... not hurt - we couldn't hear her! (this is in response to some guy giving D the gears it took too long to get to her. Must be nice to be a perfect parent. insert sarcasm here.)

Despite the owies... a great time was had by all. Maybe summer is on the way?????

Little heartbreaker. Glad ONE of the kids loves the camera. Although... there is still hope for Riley. Right?

my sort of willing subject. HAHAHAHA love you :)

The fights over this ball are amazing. I remember when taking the ball to the park was actually fun. LOL.

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